Drone Services

Whether you’re selling your home, promoting your business, or just need to inspect your property for necessary repairs and upkeep, a drone inspection, photography, and videography can be a major asset.

Our drone is equipped with a high-quality camera that can produce stunning and crystal clear movie-grade photos and videos of your property. Because they’re small and unmanned, drones are able to do more and produce better results than helicopter footage at a fraction of the cost—making professional aerial footage accessible on a budget.

How can a drone inspection benefit you?

Drone Inspection

Sell Your Home Faster

Looking to sell your home? According to MLS (Multiple Listing Service) statistics, homes with aerial photography and video in the online listing sold 68 percent faster than homes with standard images—yet fewer than 1 in 10 agents create listing videos.

Aerial footage of the home and grounds (edited and combined with ground-level and interior photographs as part of a virtual home tour) attracts more interested buyers and sets your home apart from others in your area.

It’s not just mega-million-dollar estates that can benefit from drone footage, either. Aerial video and photograph can make the “ordinary” look extraordinary—especially if your home has some awesome “hidden” features, like an awesome backyard or proximity to a park, school, or other desirable features.

Make Detailed Inspections of Hard-to-Reach Surfaces and Structures

Not all materials are safe to walk on. If your roof is unstable, covered in solar panels, or is otherwise inaccessible or inadvisable for an in-person inspection, drone footage allows detailed inspections to be made quickly and safely—for both the inspector and for your structure!

Additionally, for properties with very large grounds—such as golf courses—a drone inspection provides a faster and more convenient way to examine the landscape for areas that need repair, fertilization, or other care.

Market Your Business with Unique, High-Quality Promotional Material

Virtual aerial tours can be a major promotional asset for golf courses, parks, real estate developers, construction companies, housing developments, homeowner’s associations.

Drone footages allows you to show off your property or your work to interested customers, clients, and contractors in a unique and compelling way. Putting the videos on your website or including them in proposals can drive interest and sales substantially.

Aerial Tours

Drone Services from CRIC Services

Our team is happy to discuss any drone inspection or aerial photography or videography project you might be interested in. We are FAA licensed, our drone fleet meets federal guidelines and under valid registration, and we are fully compliant with all FAA rules and regulations regarding the use and operation of unmanned aircraft.

We will also work hard to ensure that the safety, comfort, and privacy of you, your family, and your neighbors are respected at all times.

To learn more or to discuss your upcoming need or project, please give us a call today at (720) 534-1197.