HVAC Inspection

If you’ve ever lived through spring or fall in Denver, you understand the need for an efficient, functional HVAC system in your home or business! Today it may be 80 degrees. Tomorrow, you wake up with frost on the ground. That’s the way it is here.

Unfortunately, a failing HVAC system can be an expensive fix. You could be looking at $3,000 or more to replace a furnace, and $5,000 or more for a new air conditioner.

But it’s not just about the furnace and the AC. Like the plumbing or electrical, an HVAC system has multiple important components spread throughout the home. And things can start to get really dicey if other parts of the system are broken or insufficient.

Cracked heat exchanger? Unsealed ducts? Improper venting in the attic? Damp, moldy crawlspace air getting drawn into the system and spreading throughout the house?

“Hidden” problems like these can jeopardize the safety of your home and the health of the people living in it—in addition to being a major headache to fix.

Fortunately, CRIC Services can help you identify these problems before you make a costly mistake.

HVAC Inspection Services

CRIC Services provides a thorough examination of HVAC system components as part of all our home inspections.

home inspection

This includes:

  • Health of the units. We’ll inspect all HVAC units and controls (furnace, air conditioner, heat pump, thermostat) and test them make sure they are in good working condition. We’ll also provide an estimate of the age and life expectancy of the units.
  • Combustion and venting. Does your gas furnace have enough combustible air to support efficient and sufficient heating? If it’s in an enclosed space, possibly not—and in some cases exhaust may not be venting properly or drafting back into the home.
  • Fuel supply. About 75% of Colorado homes use natural gas for heating. We’ll check the supply piping to make sure they are properly installed and have no detectable leaks.
  • Air handler. Air handlers have multiple components that need to be checked, including supply and return ducts, fans, heating and cooling coils, filters, and more. Their location (attic, basement, crawlspace, roof, etc.) can also affect their operation in various ways. Issues with the air handler can result in mold, high humidity, and other very serious problems.
  •  Conditioned areas. It’s not that uncommon for finished basements or add-on rooms to be disconnected from the central HVAC system. That’s an important consideration for a home buyer!
  • Any other visible piping, ductwork, etc.

Additionally, other aspects of the home inspection may be relevant to the HVAC system, including the attic, chimneys and flues, crawlspaces, etc.

As one of Denver’s most experienced, knowledgeable, and thorough home inspection services, we stand by the quality of our HVAC inspections. That said, we’re also up front with you about what your inspection can and cannot cover, and we are happy to recommend an additional HVAC contractor if you have an especially complex system or if we identify any particular concerns that would require a more in-depth follow-up examination.

To schedule an inspection, please call us today at (720) 534-1197.